41x31oGjbDLWeb site: LittleGreenPouch.com

Price: 3.4 oz. is $22 for a six pack; 7 oz. is $20 for four pack

Comments: Little Green Pouch (LGP) brags their reusable food pouches can be filled up to 50 times before they wear out. While that’s impressive, some parents argue that the zip seal doesn’t always last that long. On the plus side, the 3.4 oz size is travel friendly and can fit in a quart-size bag with other liquids in carry-on baggage. The 7 oz. versions are similar to other pouches on the market (pictured).

Little Green Pouches are BPA, phthalate and lead-free, plus dishwasher and freezer safe. Fans like they can be filled standing up, but critics note they aren’t microwave safe. That means you have to defrost them in warm or hot water. While parents like the LGP pouches for the most part, they recommend staying away from the small size: it’s just too small to be practical. Others complain LGP’s are harder to clean than advertised. One reader recommended immediately rinsing them with hot water when your child is finished so food doesn’t stick. We noticed LGP’s web site has other usage and storage tips. Rating: B