Baby Food Storage: Infantino Squeeze PouchesBaby Food Storage: Infantino Squeeze Pouches

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Price: $15 (single use, 50-count); $8 each for Keeper reusable pouches; $23 for the Squeeze station

Baby Food Storage: Infantino Squeeze Pouches. Infantino, maker of everything from toys to child carriers, sells reusable and single use feeding pouches, (called Infantino Squeeze Pouches) plus a “Squeeze Station” to help you fill them. Parents like the disposable pouches, which have child safe caps, but are less enthusiastic about the Squeeze Station and the reusable Keeper pouches. They tell us the station works best with very smooth purees—but any chunks, even small ones, gum up the works. The station is also messy and slow.

Here’s a video on how to use the Squeeze Station:

Some moms recommended getting a pastry bag or cupcake injector instead of buying the station. Another bummer: the Keeper reusable pouches don’t collapse as baby eats, so some of the food remains in the pouch. Plus, they’re hard to clean. Rating: A (single use bags), C+ (Squeeze Station), B- (Keeper Squeeze Pouch).