Happy Baby green beansWeb site: HappyBabyFood.com

How do you differentiate yourself from the competition in the baby food market. After all, even Gerber has an organic line of baby food now. If you’re HappyBaby you offer food with ingredients like prebiotics and probiotics, vegan DHA, and Choline. They also use Salba, a “super grain” (really it’s just chia) along with amaranth, quinoa, mangosteen and yumberry. Wow, sounds like a Whole Foods grocery store in a BPA-free pouch. By the way, if you want to know more about Happy Baby’s ingredients, their FAQ is excellent.

If you have an allergy prone child, you’ll like the fact that HappyBaby foods are processed in a nut-free facility with no soy (only some refined soybean oil–no protein allergens), no gluten and no dairy products. Pouches run a rather expensive 38¢ per ounce. Overall, parents like HappyBaby baby foods and we’ll recommend them too. Rating: A-