Web site: SproutBabyFood.com   Baby food in pouches instead of plastic or glass jars sounds like a great idea, but some of our readers are disappointed to find that these pouches can’t be recycled. Sprout has now figured out a way to recycle their pouches by teaming up with Terracycle (teracycle.com). You can now send them your used pouches and they’ll upcycle them into other products plus you can earn points redeemable for charitable gifts. Anyway, what about the food? Cofounded by a Food Network Chef, Tyler Florence, everything is certified organic. While most parents thought Sprouts food tasted good, this is the one company that received some negative reviews from our readers–some complained the flavors were off. And the price (56¢ per ounce) makes it pricier than other pouch baby foods. Rating: B