Baby Food brand review: Earth's Best

Baby Food brand review: Earth’s Best

Baby Food brand review: Earth’s Best. Web site:  Earth’s Best started the organic baby food trend over 25 years ago in (where else?) Vermont. Since those early beginnings Earth’s Best has gone through several owners before landing in the lap of natural foods conglomerate Hain Celestial (parent of Celestial Seasonings Tea).

Despite all the changes in ownership, Earth’s Best has maintained its focus, with one of the largest line of “natural” baby foods on the market—all vegetables and grains are certified organically grown (no pesticides are used), and meats are raised without antibiotics or steroids.

earth's best organic fruit yogurt smoothie

Earth’s Best now offers food pouches for older kids (stage 2 and up).

Another advantage: Earth’s Best never adds any salt, sugar or modified starches to its food. And the foods are only made from whole grains, fruits and vegetables (although some, especially fruits, may contain concentrates). Yes, Earth’s Best is more expensive (28¢ per oz.; or 15% more than conventional baby food) but as we pointed out earlier, that’s works out to only about $90 more per year and ready to print coupons are easy to find on their web site.

Reader feedback on Earth’s Best has been positive—fans like the extensive choice and commitment to organic principals. All in all, Earth’s Best is a much-needed natural alternative to the standard fare that babies have been fed for far too many years. Rating: A