Baby Food brand review: Beech-NutBaby Food brand review: Beech-Nut

Baby Food brand review: Beech-Nut. Web site: Beech-Nut was one of the first baby food companies to eliminate fillers (starches, sugar, salt) or artificial colors/flavors in its 32 classic flavors. They’ve now added a 100% natural line (32 flavors; on their web site, you can click to see all the ingredients in what percentages) and an organic line of 25 flavors.

If you’re not interested in the jarred food and prefer pouches, Beech-Nut has 27 pouches with blends of yogurt and fruit, cereal, fruit only and fruit mixed with veggies.

Prices are usually affordable with the organics running 41¢/oz. (a bit more than Earth’s Best); naturals 25¢/oz. and the classic line 14¢/oz.

Our readers generally give Beech-Nut good marks (some like it better than Gerber). The only bummer about Beech-Nut baby food: it can be hard to find (not every state has stores that carry it). You can use their “where to buy” function to find a store that carries it or buy it online at And check out their “Beech-Nut Rewards” on their Facebook page for info on money saving programs. Rating: B+