Which stroller brands have the best resale value? To find the answer, we poured over 4000 Craigslist ads for every major city in the U.S. and calculated resale value for both brands and individual models. We excluded ads for brand new, still in the box strollers (some retailers use Craigslist to unload unsold inventory). We focused on strollers that were in good or excellent condition with minimal wear and tear.

Best Resale (Brand). The top three brands for resale are Britax (65.26%), Baby Jogger (63.98%) and Bugaboo (63.90%). Hence, the average Britax stroller sells for 65.26% of its original retail price on Craigslist. All of these three brands have popular models that command a premium on the resale market.

Best Resale (Model). Among the top models for resale are the Baby Jogger Summit (a jogging stroller with an astounding 87.5% resale value) and Baby Jogger’s City Select with second seat (79.55%). The Baby Jogger City Mini scores third at 75%. In general, we found double strollers scored at the top of the resale list—perhaps because they are somewhat rare and demand is high. Stores also stock fewer double strollers, making Craigslist a popular outlet.

Worst Resale (Brand). The stroller brands with the worst resale value are Graco (41.90%), Maclaren (41.43%), and Inglesina (33.31%). Graco is a mass-market brand whose strollers simply don’t fetch much on a resale market. Maclaren has had its struggles with bankruptcy and safety recalls. Inglesina is a bit of surprise here— we’re not sure what is driving this low resale, but folks appear to be willing to part with these models for very little cash.

Worst Resale (Model). Inglesina’s Zippy (20.69%) and Trip (26.32%) scored at the bottom of our survey—on the plus side, they are great values to pick up second hand (the Zippy sold fold for just $74.50 on Craigslist; compared with a $360 retail value). The Peg Perego Pliko P3 (30%), Combi Cosmo (30.77%) and Maclaren Quest (32.22%) also came in with very low resale values.

Individual brands’ resale value are noted in the brand reviews, listed as Baby Bargains Resale Rank. Note: some brands don’t have a resale ranking because we couldn’t find enough of their strollers for sale on the secondary market to make a judgment. Index ratings are excellent, good, fair and poor. Excellent resale brands were in the top 25% of resale values; poor brands were in the bottom 25% of resale values.

Of course, you can look at these resale rankings two ways: as a buyer of a brand new stroller, you’ll get the most resale value for brands that have a good or excellent rating. If you are looking for a used stroller, brands with a poor or fair rating are selling at a steep discount from their resale price—and that might make for some great bargains!