strollerAs we wrote last week, we have a new feature in the latest edition of Baby Bargains (both the book and online): stroller resale rankings!

In our last post, we revealed the worst brands for resale, including one brand that saw an abysmal 33% resale value (average strollers from this brand sold second-hand for 33% of their original retail price).

So which brands have the best resale value? The crown goes to these three brands:

3. Bugaboo (63.90%). Yes, they are pricey—but Bugaboo strollers hold nearly 64% of their retail value upon resale, according to our research. The exception to the rule was the Bee: a less-popular model that only scored a 54% resale value. The Cameleon and Donkey are better bets, resale-wise.

2. Baby Jogger (63.98%). Easing by Bugaboo for second place is Baby Jogger, whose hot-selling strollers retain strong resale values. The City Mini retains a strong 75% of its value upon resale. And the Baby Jogger City Select is 79.55%. The Baby Jogger Summit wins the crown for individual models at an astonishing 87.5% resale value. (Why is Baby Jogger’s overall brand ranking lower than these models? That’s because Baby Jogger has other models that don’t sell as well second-hand, and that lowered the brand’s overall rating).

1. Britax (65.26%). And the best brand for resale is—Britax. Overall, Britax models like the B-Agile (70%) scored well when we looked at Craigslist prices for second-hand strollers. And Britax only has a handful of models, so there weren’t any slow sellers to hold down the brand’s overall ranking.

Other general notes: Double strollers have stronger resale than singles—one trend we noticed among all brands as the strong resale of double strollers. This may be due to the fact that they are harder to find at retail stores. And when you need a double stroller, you need one! So demand is strong for these strollers second-hand.

Find out the resale rankings for all major stroller brands in our book, Baby Bargains.