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Moonlight Slumber was one of the first entrants into the “premium” crib mattress market when they debuted a few years ago. Their mojo: “medical grade” and natural crib mattresses. Moonlight Slumber defines medical grade as PVC/vinyl free, non-toxic, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.

Of course, to claim something is medical grade is fuzzy, as there is no formal definition. But Moonlight Slumber points to their welded seams and a “medical grade” stretch knit fabric cover as key features.

The company’s Starlight Sparkle mattress ($250; pictured) comes in various sizes (crib, bassinet, cradle, etc). Readers tell us they love the dual-zone firmness, with a less-firm side for toddlers. They also have a Starlight Supreme all foam mattress with dual firmness for $270.

FYI: Moonlight Slumber makes a standard and supreme version of its mattress—the latter ($270) has a layer of memory foam. And the company makes a more affordable version of their foam mattress (the Little Dreamer, $150 for one firmness to $185 for dual firmness), which is five inches thick (the Starlight is 6”).

Moonlight Slumber also makes a mattress priced between the Little Dreamer and the Starlight Support—the Starlight Shimmer ($220) is a 6″ mattress that features “BabyCool” foam on the toddler side, which is an upgrade from the plain foam in the Little Dreamer. 

Quality is good and most reviews from parents on Moonlight Slumber are quite positive.

New this year are the Starlight Sleepwell and the Little Star. The Little Star is intended to be an affordable organic crib mattress. Although affordable is a matter of debate. The mattress sells for $259 which is affordable compared to many other organic mattresses. The Little Star has two firmness levels with the super firm infant side made of plant based foam and the toddler side made of a latex blend. The mattress is then wrapped in a natural fire retardant fabric and finally covered in a water proof fabric. The cover can be zipped off for cleaning.

The other new mattress in the line is the Starlight Sleepwell, exclusively sold at Brixy stores. Brixy is a trade group of baby specialty stores. Like the Little Star, the Sleepwell has two firmness levels with the same organic foam on the infant side. On the toddler side, BabyCool foam is used to regulate baby’s temperature. Price: $269. Both the Sleepwell and Little Star are too new for any parent feedback, but we expect the quality will be similar to their other mattresses. 

One minor quibble: in the past year, Moonlight Slumber has been touting a Green Safety Shield certification for its products, saying this means its products meet indoor air quality standards, product performance and material contents standards. So who invented the Green Safety Shield? Answer: Moonlight Slumber. Moonlight Slumber claims they test the mattresses to a standard higher than GREENGUARD, but there is no third party documentation of that.  It would be more impressive if Moonlight Slumber achieved third-party certifications like GREENGUARD’s testing for indoor air quality.

In the end, however, this is a minor issue. Overall, we recommend Moonlight Slumber and think their quality is excellent. Rating: A

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