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Colgate has long been one of our favorite brands for affordable foam crib mattresses. The company offers three types of mattresses: foam, innerspring and natural/organic. All of Colgate’s foam mattresses (regular or organic) are GREENGUARD certified to be low in chemical emissions.

Perhaps the best selling Colgate mattress is their simple Classica 1 ($123, pictured) foam mattress with a triple layer nylon reinforced cover. Colgate also sells an “eco” version of this mattress (cleverly called the Eco Classica, $174) that replaces most of the petro-chemical foam with plant-based foam. Of course, Colgate sells more than just two models—they sell several versions of the Classica mattress, some of which have dual firmness zones, memory foam and other upgrades. That’s nice, but unnecessary.

In recent years, Colgate expanded their collection of eco-mattresses. The EcoFoam Supreme ($110.50) is made of a unique foam. Instead of soy foam, like many of their competitors, this foam is derived from non-food plants which grow in rocky soil. It has square corners and a damask cover that is coated on the underside to be waterproof. The Postura mattress ($216) has a dual firmness option with one inch thick memory foam and a medical grade water proof cover of PVC3. It has square corners plus inverted seams. Compared to other natural mattresses that cost $300+, we found Colgate’s prices here to be reasonable.

Jumping on the memory foam train, Colgate also has the Visco Classica. This $214 mattress has dual firmness with memory foam made with cooling gel on one side and the Classica 1 foam on the other. It also has inverted seams and a polyester waterproof cover.

EverTru crib mattress from ColgateColgate was a bit late to the eco-mattress trend, but it aims to make up time with the Nuzzle Snuze, which debuted in the past year. This mattresses’ mojo? AirWeave (pictured), made of recyclable and recycled materials, creates a firm mattress that also allows for airflow through the mattress. Complete with an organic cotton waterproof cover, the Nuzzle Snooze is Colgate’s most expensive mattress at $390. (This mattress is similar to the Newton).

Colgate has launched a new division of premium mattresses: EverTrue ( This group of five mattresses runs $193-$310 and features GREENGUARD certification and something Colgate calls SecureCore Technology, which is supposed to enhance air circulation in the mattress. These mattresses were too new as of this writing to gauge any parent feedback.

Zen Baby is Colgate’s newest sub line. These mattresses are all coated with KulKote, a temperature regulating spray on coating. The technology is water based. Two mattresses will be available; both are made of waterproof polyurethane with a waterproof cotton coating. Check back for more on the Zen Baby line once it debuts.

Colgate also has a series of five mattresses exclusive to BuyBuyBaby. One the low end is the Night Night at $120. This lightweight foam mattress is 5″ thick and comes with a waterproof cover. On the high end, the Monarch II Deluxe is a 280-coil mattress with three layers of cushioning (firm foam, memory foam and cotton batting; see picture below). It also comes with a food grade waterproof backing, permalator wire mesh and coir fiber pad for durability. For all this mattress goodness? How about $350? All the mattresses in the BuyBuyBaby line are Greenguard certified.
colgate Monarch II Deluxe crib mattress

The Colgate Monarch II Deluxe crib mattress is exclusive to Buy Buy Baby and sells for $350.

Overall, we’re impressed with Colgate’s wide range of offerings. Quality is very good—all mattresses are made in the USA. Rating: A-