Web site: cottontaledesigns.com

Cotton Tale has been one of our favorite bedding lines for a long time and for good reasons: originality and quality. There are no licensed cartoon characters or trendy fabrics like chenille here. Instead, you’ll see beautiful soft pastels, whimsical animal prints and adorable appliqués. Best of all, Cotton Tale’s prices are affordable—most range from $135 to $300 for a four-piece set (jumping on a trend, Cotton Tale is also making affordable 8-piece sets too). We’d love to see Cotton Tale make sets available without bumpers, however. Most of the fabrics are 100% cotton, although some trim may be a blend.

Cotton Tale’s sub-line N. Selby Designs kicks up the sophistication a notch with more luxurious looks. You’ll find bold colors as well as fun accents like tiers of ruffles and lots of polka dots. A four-piece set of N. Selby Designs sells for $200 to $320.

Most of the collections are now made in the U.S. (except those with embroidery or heavy appliqués): the fabric is printed in Mississippi and the items are sewn in California.

Our only beef with the company is that their sheets only have elastic at the ends, not all the way around. That’s disappointing. But all in all, we’ll give Cotton Tale a big thumbs up for the innovative designs and beautiful patterns. Rating: A-