FYI: Cocalo’s manufacturer, Kids Line has declared bankrupty and ceased production. Part of the company was sold to a new owner, but there is no word on whether they will restart the brand. There are still sets of Cocalo bedding sold online, so we’ll keep the review up for now.

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CoCaLo has certainly gone through a lot of changes over the years. In May 2008, the original owners were bought out by Russ Berrie, who also own Kids Line (see review later).

Cocalo has been around for years, first as an independent brand, and more recently as part of Russ Berrie, which also owns Kidsline (see review later). They started out with their own line plus a few licensed lines, but have given up the licenses to concentrate on expanding their sub lines.

Those five lines include Cocalo Baby, Cocalo Couture, Petit Tresor, Natures Purest and CoCo & Company. Cocalo Baby is their flagship line available in six or eight piece sets. Sets are running from $180 to $210 although it appears the company is changing from 6-pice to 8-piece sets without bumpers, so prices may change.

Cocalo Couture and Petit Tresor are Cocalo’s high end bedding sets. Cocalo Couture runs $225 to $350 with more tailored designs and sophisticated color pallets. Petit Tresor is designed by Nina Takesh and Samantha Winch, who have a boutique called Petit Tresor in Beverly Hills. Both have worked for European fashion houses in the past and bring a European flair to their embroidered designs. Price: $230 for a four-piece set (which unfortunately includes bumpers).

On the other end of the spectrum in CoCo & Company, an affordable all-cotton line featuring simple yet charming graphical treatments of animals, flowers, sports or airplanes for under $100 for four pieces. Finally, Cocalo makes Natures Purest, which is made of 100% natural color cotton and bamboo that is organically grown. They offer two 4-piece bedding sets (sheet blanket, diaper stacker and bed skirt) for about $160.

Cocalo’s biggest news this year is with bumpers. They are no longer including them in most of their sets, but are continuing to sell them separately (we don’t recommend bumpers).

Overall, CoCaLo is a good value, with decent quality for the price and many options that are bumper free—or you can use their matching mesh bumpers. Rating: B+