A reader from Missouri writes today with
her frustration over Target’s baby

To Whom It May

I?m writing in regard to
my recent experiences with your Target store in Jefferson City, Missouri. I
created a baby registry at the end of 2006, and was notified by friends and
family the third week in January that multiple items in my registry were no
longer available.

I went to Target on Friday
January the 19th, to add additional items to my registry, as my baby
shower was scheduled for January the 27th. I printed off my registry
and after looking through the infant / baby section, I realized multiple items
were truly no longer available; however, many of the items were still in the
store, but the registry print out was not providing corresponding isle numbers
for item location. I spoke with a sales associate who was unable to determine
why the registry was printing without isle numbers for easy location.

In addition, I requested assistance with
registering for a travel system and high chair on display that I could not find
corresponding boxes for. The sales associate was able to determine that the
items on display were no longer for sale and that is why there were no longer
boxes to go with the display items. I asked why the highchair and travel system
were still on display if they were no longer for sale, but the sales associate
was unable to answer this question. I shared frustration and concern with the
sales associate over the disorganization of the infant / baby section, with the
sales associate apologizing for the mess and stating, ?You?re the
third pregnant lady today who?s gotten upset over this section.?

As stated above, my shower was held on January
the 27th and I received several duplicate items and items I did not
register for. Unfortunately, I did not receive gift receipts for many of these
items. When my husband and I attempted to exchange the duplicate and non
registered items on January 28, we were informed that only two non-receipt items
can be exchanged per person / per year. We asked to speak with a manager who
quoted the same policy and I explained that the policy should not apply in this
case for two reasons:

1. I received
duplicate items on my registry because Target failed to mark the items off when
notified by my friends and family.

2. I
received multiple non registered for items because of the difficulty my friends
and family had in locating registered items without isle numbers. In addition,
the infant / baby section was highly disorganized during the re-stocking period,
making it additionally difficult to locate registry items.

The store manager responded to my
reasons with, ?The infant section was not disorganized? and,
?I can?t do anything about the store policy?.

I registered at Target because I liked the
variety of infant and baby items you keep in stock and have previously had
positive experiences at Target. I am highly disappointed and frustrated with
the poorly managed re-stocking of the infant / baby section; exchange policies
that have required me to keep duplicate gifts and gifts that I never registered
for; and poor customer service I received at Target in Jefferson City, Missouri.
I am only asking to exchange, not refund my gifts. My friends and family
purchased items from Target because my baby shower invitation notified them I
was registered at your store. They bought these gifts on good faith that I
would be receiving what I needed and unfortunately that has not been my

I am requesting that Target
review its re-stocking program, exchange policies, and employee customer service
education. I would appreciate a reply to my concerns.