Avent-SCD630-37 baby monitor


Video Baby Monitor review: Philips. Last Updated: May 14, 2019 @ 11:26 am. Philips Avent makes one of our top-rated audio baby monitors, so does their video monitor offer similar quality? Let’s take a look.

Philips Avent keeps it simple in this category: there is just one model—the Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor (SCD630/37) for 


This is about as plain vanilla as you can get for a baby monitor: a fixed camera with private/secure connection (using a new technology, Adaptive FHSS), night vision and simple parent unit with 3.5” viewing screen, which is smallish compared to the competition.

The most recent version of this monitor (SCD630/37) include an energy saving “eco” mode to reduce power consumption when baby’s room is quiet, temperature sensor, nightlight, lullabies, two-way communication, sound level indicator, rechargeable parent unit with up to ten hours on a charge (up from six in the older version), and a setting for microphone sensitivity.

Readers tell us they generally get decent reception with the Digital Video Baby Monitor and the night vision works well. The two way communication is a plus for many parents and they also like that the parent unit is easy to use.

What’s not to like? This monitor has long-term reliability issues. We see numerous reports of this monitor breaking within a year, failing to charge after 5 months, etc. This isn’t the quality level we expect from Philips Avent.

Bottom line: this monitor works great. . . until it doesn’t. And that’s too soon if it conks out before baby turns 1 for monitor that costs


This effort is embarrassing for a trusted brand that makes a decent audio baby monitor. The fact this model hasn’t been updated in years is another clue—Philips Avent doesn’t know how to compete in the video baby market. Rating: C-