Nanit baby monitorWeb:

Nanit Video Baby Monitor is a lot like the Nest—you have to use your own device to view the signal. The Nanit’s app does more than just display a picture—you get detailed “activity” reports that tell you when baby fell asleep and woke.

A “dashboard” watches your baby’s sleep over time, calculating “sleep efficiency” (amount of time your baby slept versus being awake, fed, etc.) See picture below.

Nanit screenshot of app

When it comes to analytics, the Nanit’s “Insights” (a separate subscription) provides more analysis and personalized sleep recommendations based on your baby’s age. This runs $200 a year, but as we were going to press, Nanit announced it was giving a free year of Insights with any camera purchase.

Nanit baby monitor insights from app


So what’s not to like about the Nanit? Well, for starters, for the analytics to work, the camera must be positioned directly above your baby’s sleep space. A floor stand to accomplish this is an extra $44.99, or you can buy the camera plus the stand for $360.88.

nanit wall stand

The wall stand. Available separately or as a set with the camera.

Also, despite all the whiz-bang technology, oddly, the Nanit does not let you change the camera’s orientation. So you have to set it up in the correct orientation or you will miss a large part of your baby’s sleep space.

Overall, we would recommend the Nanit. This is probably the future of baby monitors—albeit at a price.

Rating: B