USA Baby in Richmond, VA has closed, posting a notice on its web page that the franchised location plans to file for bankruptcy (see below).  We heard this new from a reader who had special-ordered a glider-rocker from the store, only to find his furniture that was due today is AWOL.

If you have special ordered furniture from USA Baby in Richmond, contact your credit card company to dispute the charge. Great Beginnings of Gaithersburg, MD has offered to help folks out who have special ordered furniture. Contact Brian at 240-238-1003 or email for details—Great Beginnings can touch base with the manufacturer and arrange for delivery to the Richmond, VA area.

If you’ve been affected by this closure, post a comment below.

Here is the notice posted to USA Baby’s Richmond web site:

Effective August 26, 2011, the Richmond location of USA Baby has been forced to close.  Open since 1992, the current owners purchased the business in 2006. After taking on a large amount of debt to purchase the business, and putting everything they have into it to make it successful, the effects of the recession have made the business very difficult to sustain.  Over-leveraged and under-capitalized, they do not have adequate financing to continue operating.

In the interest of their valued customers and employees, the owners attempted to keep the business open by offering to give back the business to the original owners.   With both their experience and financial resources, the original owners (who are also the landlords) offered the best opportunity to keep the business operating.  Unfortunately, the former owners have declined the offer, and regrettably the business has been forced to close.

On behalf of the estate, a court appointed bankruptcy attorney will be assigned as the contact person for all unresolved business.   In addition, please see for additional information regarding customer orders, which will be updated as information and instructions are made available.

Update 8/31/11: The Richmond Times Dispatch did a story today on the USA Baby closing. Also USA Baby posted this update to their web site:


All customers who’s merchandise is in the USA Baby warehouse in Richmond will be contacted by phone between this Friday and Wednesday the 7th.  At that time, we will provide instructions for picking up merchandise at the Richmond warehouse. The date for customer pick up is expected to be confirmed within the next few days.

For customers who DO NOT receive a phone call by 6pm next Wednesday, information pertaining to your refund will be mailed to you by next Thursday.

Additionally, you may contact either Wendy at Baby 2 Teen (703-631-2166) or Brian at Great Beginnings (301-417-9702) to discuss how to fulfill your existing order.

The website will be continue to be updated as soon as new information is made available.

We’ll update this blog post as soon as we get any news.

Update 9/6/11:

Given the large number of customers affected by the closure of this store, we have set up a Facebook page to help consumers swap info regarding refunds, order status, furniture deliveries and more. Click here to go to the Facebook page. FYI: This is an UNOFFICIAL page that is not related to USA Baby, its owners or former employees. Feel free to post to our blog and to the Facebook page regarding any info you have about the USA Baby Richmond, VA store closing.

Update 9/8/11

USA Baby Richmond posted the following update to their web site last night:

The USA Baby email account no longer operates, please see below for information regarding product pickup and refunds.


Customers who’s merchandise is in the USA Baby OFF-SITE warehouse have been contacted by the 7th as planned.

If you were called by 6pm, September 7th, the date for merchandise pick up is September 10th, from 10am to 4pm.  This will be the only opportunity for merchandise pick up.

There will be a limited supply of crib mattresses.

A reminder, the balance on all merchandise picked up must be paid at the time of pick up.  Payments must be in the form of either cash or check.

There will be no equipment available to process credit card transactions.

For customers who DID NOT receive a phone call by 6pm, Wednesday the 7th,


A) Due to both resource and time limitations, there was a pre-set Labor Day deadline for moving customer merchandise from the store to the off-site warehouse.  There was an expectation that the established moving deadline would not be an obstacle, yet the landlord did not provide access to the store warehouse by this deadline, thus there is still merchandise at the STORE warehouse for many customers.  Letters have been mailed to these applicable customers with instructions of who to contact in order to obtain your merchandise.

B) For all other customers who DID NOT receive a call by the 7th, letters with information pertaining to your refund have been mailed as planned.

Additionally, if you are not contacted by Sept 7th acknowledging that your order is at the Richmond warehouse, you may contact either Wendy at Baby 2 Teen (703-631-2166) or Brian at Great Beginnings (240-238-1003) to discuss how to fulfill your existing order.

Update 9/8/11 part 2:

If you plan to pick up furniture at the USA Baby warehouse Saturday, here are some consumer tips:

1. Bring all paperwork for your order with you—including what you ordered, color and any other details.

2. Carefully inspect any furniture before handing over any payment. Open boxes to make sure there is no damage, confirm colors, double check model numbers.

3. Make sure any cribs are compliant with the new federal safety standards that went into effect June 28, 2011. There should be a sticker or documentation that the cribs are compliant with “16 CFR 1219” for a full-size cribs. It is illegal to sell a crib that is not compliant with the new standard.

Update 9/13/11: Reporter Diane Walker of NBC 12 in Richmond did this story on the USA Baby closing: