As you have probably read in the comments section of our blog, the number of folks who are unhappy with how the massive Jardine/Babies R Us recall is going up faster than the price of gasoline.

So, a few thoughts and comments:

• One of the chief gripes is a lack of affordable cribs at BRU (Jardine is giving vouchers to affected consumers for $249, usable at BRU). Well, we visited our local BRU last night and can confirm that the pickings under $300 are slim to none. Sure, there is a Babi Italia crib (Pinehurst) for $300 and a smattering of Delta cribs under $300, but that is about it.

Memo to BRU: you knew this was coming down the pike for over a month—yet, you couldn’t source a big supply of cribs for under $300? That makes it look like you are trying to profit from this recall, when the few choices on the floor are $350, $400 and more.

• As you can read from our blog’s comments, Babies R Us seems to be changing the TERMS of the recall by the hour—while we are glad BRU is attempting to fix consumer gripes about this process, we can’t help but feel the company is making this up as they go along. This is significantly damaging BRU’s reputation among parents . . . and that will take a LONG time to fix. Example: what idiot at BRU decided you could NOT use the voucher to buy a crib online from BRU’s own site?

• And let’s talk about Jardine—why only a “voucher” for a replacement crib? Since these cribs are dangerous and unrepairable, shouldn’t parents have the option of getting a CASH REFUND for their purchase? Then folks can go to any store to get a replacement crib, not just the slim pickings at BRU?

• And let’s not forget the parent company of Jardine is . . . Dorel, which is a Canadian word that translates roughly to “massive safety recall.” Dorel has managed to screw things up again—first in the 90’s with massive crib recalls with their Cosco imprint. And then again in this decade. Sure, the name has changed (Jardine), but the executives at Dorel need to be hauled in front of a Congressional committee and made to account for their sorry safety history (thanks to the Chicago Tribune for their excellent investigation last year of Dorel’s car seat troubles).

Well, that’s our take. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts!