Reader Jennifer D. writes in today to complain about a delay with an order for Munire’s Urban collection:

I wanted to write in and warn other parents about ordering an urban Munire crib.  My husband and I ordered this crib in white on September 15th.

The crib has still not arrived and the Munire representative is
not able to estimate a date of arrival.  The customer
service has been horrible (the worst!). They have not
been able to tell me the estimated date of arrival for
the crib for the past 4 months and have not
compensated me for waiting (and I should mention that
I paid $600 for this crib over 6 months ago).  Each
month they tell me that it "may" come in 4 weeks.  So
my child is now 3 months old with no crib.

My husband and I are both physicians and are aware of the
importance of providing a safe sleeping environment
for your infant. Being left with no crib has been so
frustrating. I would never order anything from Munire
again.  I should mention that I ordered the crib
through USA baby. USA baby has been incredibly helpful
(great customer service) and I would order another
brand of furniture through them in the future.

We asked Munire what was up with the Urban collection, as we have received similar emails in the past few weeks. Here is their response:

The Urban collection has had an overwhelming response in the market, sales far exceeded our projections. Some dealers have reported they have never seen a collection sell so well. As you know, in the import business it takes a number of months before you can react to such a sudden explosion in demand. In response, we have made major adjustments to substantially boost production. We are now getting shipments in weekly and catching up on many of the oldest orders. By mid April we will be in a very strong stock position so Urban shipping will be back to the 4-8week shipping target we have for all of our line.

The Urban isn’t the only part of Munire’s line suffering delays. The Essex crib (especially in white) has also bedeviled the company:

The Essex white crib delay was another exception. We try to project orders in advance, proportioning the crib to cases. In the case of Essex White crib, the crib to our surprise has far outsold the cases. I can only guess due to the low price of Essex crib and the generic white finish, customers must be buying the Munire crib alone and possibly matching it with other lower priced white furniture. We have boosted white crib production in response and will be in strong stock position 2/16/08.

Update: Good news! There is a happy ending here. Jennifer reports:

I can not thank you enough for your help in getting my
crib! I received a call from a representative from
Munire just a few hours after sending my email.  I
will receive the crib in three weeks and at no cost. 
I do not know how to express my gratitude for your
assistance with this and for clarifying the reasons
for the delay! I have already bought two editions of
baby bargains and will continue to buy the book as we
expand our family.

Thank you again for all your help!