Stroll Air CosmoS strollerWeb:

Polish stroller company Stroll Air offers yet another multi-function stroller that aims to compete with the Uppa Baby Vistas of the world.

The models. Stroll Air’s CosmoS ($485 to $550, 22.4 lbs., pictured) is a single stroller which replaces it’s outdated Zoom model. This compact folding stroller features a full recline, reversible seat, lockable front wheels, adjustable handle height, extendable canopy hood, rain cover, diaper bag, mosquito net and more—all for around $500, including a bassinet.

Stroll Air My Duo twin stroller

The Stroll Air My Duo twin stroller has independently reversible seats.

The Stroll Air My Duo ($715, 26 lbs.) is the brand’s first side-by-side model with two independently reversible seats that fully recline, front and back suspension, adjustable footrest and more. Again they include a diaper bag, two mosquito nets, and two rain covers.

Stroll Air ReVu umbrella stroller

Stroll Air ReVu umbrella stroller

Stroll Air’s most recent stroller is the ReVu, a lightweight umbrella stroller (claims to be 17 lbs.; $290) with a reversible seat. With a full recline, the ReVu can be used for infants and infant car seat adapters are available. The stroller folds to a standing position and has an auto lock feature with carry handle.

Our view. You’d think with all the included accessories, Stroll Air models would be a slam dunk for a bargain pick in this book. But you’d be wrong.

That’s because the quality just isn’t here. As one parent put it in an online review, “they include all the accessories to sell a crap product.” And that was one of the kinder reviews. Quality woes dog this brand—canopies that won’t stay open, wheels that stop turning, low quality fabric that rips, etc. Parents have been kinder about the Cosmos, noting it is very maneuverable and easy to push one-handed. Biggest complaint: poorly written constructions.

Stroll Air’s retail store distribution is very thin. That means probably buying one of these strollers sight unseen, which is risky.

Bottom line: Stick with the CosmoS if you want a full feature stroller; it has the best reviews. Avoid the ReVu and the Duo. Rating: D