Orbit G3 Travel system review

Orbit has announced they are closing, discontinuing all strollers and car seats. The company is still honoring warranties. See below for an archived review.

Web: orbitbaby.com

Fans of The Office may remember the Orbit fondly, after Dwight Schrute spent an entire episode trying to destroy the pricey travel system to no avail. While that episode may qualify as the strangest baby gear product placement in a TV series ever, it showcased the Orbit’s quality to withstand the show’s extreme road test (you can see the clip here).

The models. What set off Dwight? It was Orbit’s über expensive price tag (“$1200 is more than I spent on my entire bomb shelter!”). Actually, the Orbit “starter kit” runs $900, including their infant car seat. And no, the Orbit doesn’t come with a toddler stroller seat—that’s an extra $240. The most recent version of the Orbit is the G3 model, which upgrades the stroller’s steering, handling and fold (its faster). You can now customize your Orbit with various color packs and accessories, sold a la carte. There are now two cup holders.

Orbit recently released a new jogging stroller: the O2 Hybrid Jogging Stroller (frame only $620; 25.8 lbs.). It has two modes: city and performance. City mode has two seat positions. The lower seating position is used for running (called the performance mode) while the city mode boosts the seat higher up for regular strolling. Just hit a lever and the seat lowers for the performance mode. The stroller comes with a front wheel that locks for running. The O2 features an adjustable handle, self-standing fold, air pump (for the air filled tires) and parent console. The frame plus stroller seat, sunshade and parent console runs $980. Add a second G3 car seat base ($220) or infant car seat and base ($438) to accommodate a second child.

Orbit Baby's O2 Hybrid Stroller Base plus stroller seat, sunshade and parent organizer ($980)

Orbit Baby’s O2 Hybrid Stroller Base plus stroller seat, sunshade and parent organizer ($980)

Our View. The take-home message: if you are looking for a travel system that is a conversation starter, then Orbit is your brand. Parents love the Jetsons-like look . . . and having a stroller/car seat that no one on the block has is appealing.

Critics knock the overall bulk and weight of the Orbit. Some folks found the Orbit’s handle bars to be uncomfortable. And while most fans like the infant car seat/frame combo, there is noticeably less love for the toddler configuration, when the weight/bulk of the system begins to outweigh the Orbit’s advantages.

In the past year, we’ve noticed more complaints about quality and customer service—parts that fail and customer service form Orbit that fails to satisfy customers.

On the plus side, we demo’ed the new O2 jogging stroller and were impressed with the innovative features. Our only concern—this thing is much bigger in person than it looks online. We measured the O2 in performance mode and came up with a whopping 50″ length from the handlebar to the wheel—that means your baby up front is in a different zip code. You might want to see this stroller in person before committing to its $620 (frame only) price. Baby Bargains Resale Rank: Fair. Rating: B-

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