Web: abiie.com.

FYI: As of this writing, this stroller is out of stock. According to a message posted on the manufacturer’s web site, the company is changing production facilities. There is no word when it will be back in stock.

Abiie’s G2G BabyDeck stroller (18 lbs.) solves that age-old parent dilemma when out with baby: where do you change the diaper? If there isn’t a clean changing room near by, this stroller does a Batmobile trick by having the seat fold out into a changing area (dubbed the BabyDeck).

At nearly $200, this stroller is a bit pricey, but also includes a standing fold, height adjustable handle, and fully-enclosing canopy with two separate peak-a-boo windows. Of course, the real star here is the diaper changing station, which comes with its own built-in wipes dispenser. Feedback has been positive. A built-in infant car seat adapter works with several major brands (including Graco’s SnugRide and Chicco’s KeyFit 30). However, a few dissenters note the limited size of the changing area means larger toddlers will quickly outgrow stroller’s coolest feature. And where is the cup holder? For a $200 stroller, that’s a big oversight. Despite those drawbacks, we think the Abiie BabyDeck is a winner. Rating: A-