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Smart Baby Monitor Review: Monbaby. Monbaby describes their $100 smart baby monitor as a baby breathing and rollover “monitor in a smart button.” The button snaps on clothing and tracks body position (whether baby is sleeping on her back or stomach) as well as breathing moments.

The Monbaby button connects via Bluetooth and streams info to a smartphone device (apps for iOs and Android). The app displays real-time stats, tracks sleep and can be configured to sound alerts if baby rolls over, etc.

If you are a techie, you probably can spot one of Monbaby’s biggest flaws: Bluetooth is a short range technology. Even though Monbaby has a video showing a mom in the kitchen while monitoring her baby via the Monbaby button, real world reviews suggest the range is much shorter than that. Monbaby even has this disclaimer on their site: “the Monbaby works optimally when placed in the same room with your smartphone.”

Which begs the question, why bother? If you are in the same room with your napping newborn, couldn’t you just glance over to see how things are going? Parent reviews suggest Monbaby’s range is a mere ten feet.

In the past year, it appears Monbaby has come out with a “new and optimized” version of its monitor that it says addresses the range issue. Based on feedback from our readers, however, we remain skeptical.

Bottom line: until engineers figure out how to make Bluetooth reach more than a few feet, we’d say pass on Monbaby. Rating: Not Recommended.