Web: mayawrap.com

Price: $80 (Lightly Padded); $95 (ComfortFit)

Weight Range: 8 to 35 lbs.

Comments: Maya Wrap has consistently been recommended to us by readers who love its flexibility and comfort. Helpful instructional videos are available on their web site and a DVD is included with your purchase. The rings are made of ¼” anodized aluminum, the fabrics are 100% cotton hand-loomed and are only made of one layer of fabric. As a result, the Maya Wrap is quite lightweight. It comes in four sizes with nearly ten fabric options.

Two versions are offered: the Lightly Padded sling (pictured) and the ComfortFit sling. The padded version has padding on the shoulder while the ComfortFit has no shoulder padding. The advantage to the ComfortFit–the shoulder fabric can be adjusted while the padded shoulder cannot.

Reader feedback on the Maya Wrap is positive, although some parents complain about the long piece of fabric that hangs from the rings when the sling is being used. If you want to avoid a lot of extra fabric, you can size down your wrap so the hanging fabric is shorter. Another complaint: it can be painful to use with older babies or for long periods of time.

Rating: A