71m7BdAZCzL._SL1083_Web: HotSlings.com

Price: $30 to $65

Weight Range: 8 lbs. to 35 lbs.

Comments: Made in Utah, Hotslings calls their slings Adjustable Pouches or APs. Their slings come in two sizes which can adjust to fit nine size ranges based on a measurement across your body from shoulder to hip. These slings don’t use rings to adjust them, rather the wide strap uses two buckles through which you can pull straps to tighten. The directions seem a bit complicated, so we recommend you watch the video. A plus: they code the sling with a red arrow at the shoulder and a HS tag at the hip to help you align everything correctly.

HotSlings AP comes in 15 fabrics for as little as $30 online or $65 when ordered directly from HotSlings. Readers like the price and the sling for the most part. Many moms complained that the sling was too small, so you may want to size up to the larger size. Others recommend waiting until baby can hold her head up. While all carriers have information on how to use their product safely, we like HotSlings safety motto: Visible & Kissable. Easy way to remember how your baby should be seated in the sling.

Rating: C