Web: BalboaBaby.com

Price: $50 to $60.

Maximum weight: 8 to 35 lbs.

Comments: Dr. Sears was the original advocate for “baby wearing.” He originally worked with NoJo who manufactured his sling version. Now Balboa Baby is manufacturing his approved slings. It’s basically a pouch with a contoured and padded strap that slips through an adjustable nylon ring system. There is elastic and padding around the edges that help create the pouch and a small front pocket for minimal storage.

You can see a video demonstration of the Adjustable Sling here:

Balboa Baby is a textile company that also makes baby bedding, shopping cart covers and car seat canopies among other baby related items. On their web site you can find a few sale items including their slings. On a recent visit, we saw three sling patterns on sale for only $25. They claim the sale slings sold for $150 at one time.

Parent feedback is mixed on this sling: fans liked the comfortable padded strap while others complain that if they don’t position baby just right, the sling becomes quite uncomfortable. Check YouTube for videos to help you position your baby correctly. Parents also noted it works best for small infants. Once they hit 15 lbs. it’s difficult to wear for long periods.

Rating: B