Sure, we love Britax car seats . . . but the prices can be hard to swallow.

Well, here’s a little secret about Britax: twice a year, Britax relaxes its draconian Internet Pricing Policy and lets online retailers hold a sale. (Britax forbids online retailers from regularly discounting their products; stores like Babies R Us can discount whatever they like). Yes, it is crazy and makes no sense, but there you have it.

Good news: the first 2008 Britax sale is next week! Starting February 24, you can save big time on Britax seats.

Examples, from the folks at Marathon’s for $209 (reg: $269), Boulevard $238 (reg. $289), Decathlon $226, Roundabout, $179, Monarch, $119, Regent, $209. And those prices include FREE shipping and NO sales tax to all states.

Of course, most other big Britax online sellers are having sales too, including Albee Baby, Baby Universe and more. If you can’t buy  now, there probably will be another sale in September (but no guarantees, as Britax could change its policy at any time).

Post the best deals you find to our comments section below! And the let savings begin!