One of our favorite Bugaboo knock-offs is now discontinued, unfortunately. Reader Erin D. writes in with her condolences:

After much reading and comparing we decided on the Fisher Price Infant-To-Toddler Stroller.  I have looked high and low for this stroller and finally called Fisher Price today.  They told me that they do not actually make the stroller, they license their name to Kuji Dreamer Design and they make the stroller.  I called Dreamer Design and they told me that they have discontinued the stroller (Fisher Price reps do not know this).   

Dreamer Design said that the stroller they have that is comaprable to the Fisher Price stroller is their Park Avenue Stroller but I read in your book that it is not the best one they offer.  

Our thoughts: Well, the Park Avenue is similar to the Infant to Toddler—but it is a tri-wheel model (the Fisher Price licensed stroller had two front wheels). Another major difference: the Park Avenue has inflated tires (like a jogger), which adds weight (see picture at right).

So the search for an affordable Bugaboo killer goes on! Feel free to chime in with your thoughts as to the best Bugaboo knock-off!