Amazon KindleGood news! We have just released a revised ebook for Baby Bargains that has all the comparison charts and product images that appear in the print version! Updated versions are now available for Kindle, Nook, Google Play and Kobo. (The Apple iBook version already has the charts and images).

We originally released the Baby Bargains 10th edition  ebook in April without these features. Why? Well, this issue has been a struggle—as readers of our book know, we have several comparison charts in the book. Some of these charts span two pages. The problem? Early e-readers (like the original e-ink Kindles) simply couldn’t display these charts so you could actually read them. The charts, originally designed for two pages, were squished into the tiny window of an e-reader. This didn’t make readers happy.

So we figured we would compromise: we’d drop these charts form the ebook and give readers a free 30 day subscription to our web site, where readers could download the comparison charts in all their high-definition glory.

Well, turns out some folks weren’t happy with that solution. We heard complaints that folks didn’t like having to download the charts separately but preferred to have it all in one place (like in the ebook). And Kindle fans with newer e-readers like the Kindle Fire HD pointed out that their tables CAN display the charts correctly. Even though the web subscription was free for Kindle readers, the concept of having to register on our web site rubbed some readers the wrong way.

So we listened—and we added back the charts, images, tables and other graphic elements to the Kindle ebook. And since we realize we will now get complaints from some folks that the charts are still hard to read on their older Kindles, we still will offer the free web subscription (just send us a copy of your Kindle ebook receipt—here is our contact info). FYI: We have also updated the epub files for Nook, Google and Kobo with the revised ebook as well.

If you have the earlier Kindle version of the ebook and wanted the new updated one, we will send it to you for free. Send us a receipt for your Kindle ebook and we’ll send you the file.

And if you have any comments, thoughts or suggestions on any of our books (digital or print), feel free to let us know! Thanks again for reading BABY BARGAINS.