Reader Laurie D. writes in today about her experiences with Combi’s car seats and strollers:

Hi Mr. & Mrs. Fields,

I just wanted to give you some feedback on Combi products.  With my first child I bought the combi savvy.  It was AWFUL!!!  After only a couple of months the whole frame bent where only three of the wheels touched down.  My son is light (weighs in the 40th percentile). 

When I had my second child I was cautiously optimistic that my first experience was a fluke.  So I purchased the Combi Centre infant seat and double stroller because of the light weight.  The infant seat is very heavy and was EXTREMELY hard to install (which is a common complaint on the babies r us website) 

The stroller (definitely not the infant seat) was significantly lighter than most of the other double strollers but this too was constructed so poorly.  The middle wheels which are supposed to make navigating the stroller easier, made it impossible to push.  The middle wheels would go in one direction and the front wheels would go in another.  With the infant seat attached, I could barely push the stroller with two hands, let alone with one which when you have an armful of bags is what you normally have to do.  Also, when you have the infant seat attached, the basket below is completely unusable. 

I would give both the single and double strollers and F rating and the infant seat a D+.

I hope this input was helpful. Thanks for your time.

Laurie D.