4Moms Breeze PlayardWeb: 4Moms.com

Age/weight recommendations: until child can push up onto hands and knees; birth to 30 lbs.

Measurements for the Breeze:

Length (short side): 32.5”
Length (long side): 46”
Height: 29”
Weight: 24 lbs.

If you’ve never set up a play yard, you might not know how complex some can be— many manufacturers require you to pull up the top bars of each side before you push down in the middle. It’s a multi step process that should be easier. And 4Moms has figured out how to make it a one step process with their play yard, the Breeze Classic ($250). Check it out:

4Moms Breeze Playard


It’s the smoothest set up anywhere. But. . . you knew there was a “but,” right? Actually a couple. First, you just get a play yard with full size bassinet. No other bells and whistles. No changing station, no storage pockets, no vibrating bouncer. Maybe that’s not important to you or you’re using it frequently at a grandparent’s house and you want to set up and take down quickly. In that case, we can see how the easy set up and breakdown are a huge plus. In the end, though, is the convenience factor worth the $300 price? For comparison, if you purchase a basic, no frills Graco Pack ‘N Play wth full size bassinet, you can spend a mere $77 online.

New for 2018, the Breeze Classic will include a separate bassinet feature that slips over the sides of the play yard:

4Moms Breeze Classic play yard

And another addition to the play yard family is the Breeze Plus. It still includes the bassinet, but adds a changing table as well for $300:

4Moms Breeze Plus play yard

4Moms is still selling the original Breeze (now the Breeze GO) without either the bassinet or the changing area for $199. Same cool fold across all three varieties of play yards.

New sheets are now available including water proof options as well as a diaper center add on for $50.

So what’s not to like about the Breeze? Some parents have complained that the mattress doesn’t lie flat because the center mechanism sticks up a bit. This causes baby to roll to the side of the play yard–not safe, in our opinion.

Other issues: the Breeze isn’t a breeze to set up on carpeting. The concept behind the easy open requires a smooth surface for the feet to glide on. Carpet frustrates that feature. And we’ve heard from other parents that attaching the mattress with the Velcro straps is difficult, particularly if you’re short and have trouble reaching all the way to the bottom. Finally, if you purchase a Breeze, you might notice the carry bag isn’t really big enough to carry the bassinet, mattress and bassinet pad.

Ultimately, you’ll have to ask yourself if the smooth, one step set-up and break-down is worth it. It might be if you expect you’ll be moving the play yard around a lot. But if you’re going to set it up in one room and leave it to use as a nap space, $300 it’s just not practical.

We would recommend this play yard for grandparents or those who are limited on space in their homes, requiring frequent set-up and take-down of a play yard. For those who travel, however, there are better (and lighter) options out there. Rating B+