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Stroller maker Phil & Teds offers one high chair option, the Poppy, a stripped down seat with just the basic features for $120. But it does have a “My Favorite Martian” vibe going with the antennae-type legs.

The lightweight chair (8 lbs.) doesn’t recline or feature much in the way of adjustments but does have a relatively large tray. It’s biggest trick: after your child outgrows the high chair, the Poppy converts to a kids chair by removing the legs. The Poppy comes in four rather bright colors and features an “Aerocore” foam seat which is both dishwasher safe and comfortable.

Reviews of the Poppy are mixed. Readers like the tray size, but complain it’s hard to remove. The harness also appears to be difficult to adjust and the shoulder straps don’t stay on the child. On the other hand, the Poppy is very easy to keep clean with it’s seamless seat pad. It’s also very light weight.

Finally, more than one reader mentioned the leg design on the Poppy (the legs stick straight out from the chair in every direction) means you might end up tripping over it if you have limited room in your kitchen.

Phil & Teds Poppy high chair conversion

When baby outgrows the high chair, you can pop off the legs and voila! a chair for your toddler.

The Poppy is an interesting chair, but Phil & Teds needs to go back to the drawing board and fix the tray issues and harness on the Poppy.

Rating: B-