The most current edition of BABY BARGAINS is 14th edition, version 14.0. Release date: July 2021.

FYI: When you order from our web page, we always ship you the most recent version!

How can you tell which version you have? Check the copyright page (page ii); the version number is located at the BOTTOM of the copyright page!

Baby Bargains was first published in 1994 (peach cover). Yeah, we know . . . before Google, before Facebook. When dinosaurs roamed the earth.

We strive to keep the Baby Bargains as up-to-date as possible. As such, we update it periodically with new editions. But if you just borrowed this book from a friend, how do you know how old it is? First, look at the copyright page. There at the bottom you will see a version number (example: 10.0). The first number (the 10 in this case) means you have the 10th edition. The second number indicates the printing-every time we reprint the book, we make minor corrections, additions and changes. Version 10.0 is the initial printing of the 10th edition, version 10.1 is the first reprint of the 10th edition and so on.

We update this book with a new edition every two years (roughly). About 30% to 40% of the content will change with each edition. Bottom line: if you pick up a copy of this book that is one or two editions old, you will notice a significant number of changes.

Here are the covers of the previous editions:


Baby Bargains 1e
1st edition (1994)2nd edition (1997)3rd edition (1999)


4th edition (2001)5th edition (2003)6th edition (2005)


7th edition (2007)8th edition (2009)9th edition (2011)


Baby Bargains 12th edition cover (thumb)
10th edition (2013)11th edition (2015)12th edition (2017)


Baby Bargains 14e cover 
13th edition (2019)14th edition (2021)