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My Baby Sam is a bargains line of baby bedding that sells in the in the $100 to $130 range for three pieces. You can also purchase a four-piece set, including a bumper, but we don’t recommend using a bumper in your baby’s crib for safety reasons.

My Baby Sam bedding is 100% cotton and includes a sheet, blanket and crib skirt in the set. You can also purchase additional accessories for most of their designs like crib rail covers ($35), curtains, ($35) hampers ($44), lamps ($60) and diaper stackers ($38).

New Arrivals crib bedding

New Arrivals sister brand appears to be available only on it’s own web site. Prices are substantially more than My Baby Sam.

My Baby Sam has a sister line called New Arrivals. This line presents a simpler look with more muted colors (see photo) and some even come with linen crib skirts. All sheets are 100% cotton.

Sets are available in two-piece (sheet and skirt), three-piece (bumper or crib rail cover, sheet and skirt) and four-piece (bumper or crib rail cover, sheet, skirt & blanket) sets. No doubt you’re tired of hearing us say we don’t recommend bumpers, but we don’t. We wish none of the New Arrivals sets included bumpers. Two-piece sets start at $65 and go up to $150. The more pieces you add, the more the money adds up: the Gold Dust Collection four-piece set runs a whopping $377. You can get monogramed names or initials, by the way, for an extra $12.

New Arrivals doesn’t seem to sell their sets through other retailers–but you can buy direct from their site. And they offer 15% to 20% discounts frequently. Plus you can find every single coordinating accessory on their site, so no hunting via Google for all the cute pieces. It appears that you can substitute different sheets and crib rail covers as well, so the look is a bit more customized.

So what do readers think? Most praise the designs–they are unique. But some slam the quality of My Baby Sam: sheets are scratchy and rough. The price is reasonable, but the quality is only so-so. Go for the sets without bumpers if you decide to buy My Baby Sam, especially as some parents have noticed the bumper ties are very short. If you’ve got the budget for New Arrivals, it’s definitely a different style esthetic than you usually see. We just aren’t sure it’s worth the high price. Rating: B