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Price: $100 to $130.

Weight Range: Two sizes: 8  to 40 lbs. and 15 to 40 lbs.

Comments: One reason we recommended BabyHawk’s meh dai‘s for so many years: you could customize them. When they were purchased by Moby (mobywrap.com), the customization was briefly put on hold, but we’re happy to report it will again be an option by May, 2017.

Good news: the company has substantially expanded its pre-made designs with a wide range of colors and fabric designs. In fact, BabyHawk’s mojo is all the unique fabrics including tie dyes, Asian prints, and geometrics.

Like other meh dais (mei tais), BabyHawk can be used in front (inward facing only), back or on the hip. Readers most like the comfortable fabrics, but a few complained that they were hard to use and some readers thought the straps were too long . . . it takes a while to figure out how to use these carriers. Here’s a good YouTube video to check out:

Rating: A