While we love getting emails telling us how brilliant our book is, we find it most helpful when folks tell us where we got it wrong. Here is Julie L.’s comments on two products where she thought we missed the mark:

I wanted to write regarding a couple of products I purchased based on reviews in your book.  Although, many of the reviews were very helpful, the following two purchases were very disappointing.
First, I purchased the Majestic baby furniture by Munire based on reviews that it was a good quality for the value.  I am most disappointed in my purchase for the following reasons.
1) It is extremely difficult to adjust the height of the crib. You essentially need to dismantle the entire crib.
2) There was not a protective finish on the crib or the dresser, making them very prone to scratch quite easily; especially the dresser which we use as a changing table.
3) The recent safety recall on the support brackets.
Second, I purchased the Inglesina Zippy stroller.  I feel that the stroller is very overpriced for what it has to offer.  It is less compact than other strollers of a similar style, has very limited storage space underneath, has an extremely small and akward cup holder, and the sun shade is also an akward size and shape and does not fully shade the child in the stroller.
In general, I enjoyed your book, but these are two products I would not buy again.