Infant Car Seat Review: Cosco Light 'N Infant Car Seat Review: Cosco Light ‘N Comfy

Price: $85

Type: Infant seat, five-point

Limits: 4 to 22 lbs., 29″.

NHTSA Ease of Use Rating: Three out of five stars.

Pros: Very lightweight carrier, affordable.

Cons: No side impact protection, rear harness adjustment on base model. Base is not adjustable.

Comments: The Cosco Light ‘N Comfy debuted in 2014 and features the lightest weight carrier on the market: 6.3 lbs. When you consider other carriers can top ten pounds, this might be a big plus for smaller moms or grandparents.

The Cosco Light ‘N Comfy is clearly aimed at the entry price point ($85)—it works to just 22 lbs. and lacks extra safety and ease of use features you’d see in more expensive seats (no side impact protection, etc). So this might be a good bet for occasional use by grandparents or other caregivers.

Like many Cosco seats, the Light ‘N Comfy comes in both a basic model (DX) and deluxe (LX) version. The latter features upgraded details with a price point only about $10 to $20 more.

The Cosco Light ‘N Comfy scored near the bottom of Consumer Reports most recent car seat survey, despite earning a “better” crash protection rating.

Parent feedback on the Light ‘N Comfy has been mixed, with fans lauding the seat’s light weight and affordable price. Detractors blast the “lame,” “flimsy” canopy and a carrier handle that takes two hands to release. The lack of an adjustable base means you have to use rolled up towels or pool noodles to get the angle on this seat correct when installing.

Also, it looks like this seat might be on its last legs. We no longer see if for sale online at Amazon or at Walmart.

While we are only giving this seat a C rating, we realize folks on a tight budget may not have $150 or $200 to spend on our top-rated infant car seats. If you budget is under $100, this seat would be an acceptable choice

Rating: C Infant Car Seat Review: Cosco Light ‘N Comfy