Hoohobbers crib bedding Lacrosse Crib Bedding brand review: Hoohobbers.Web site: hoohobbers.com

Crib Bedding brand review: Hoohobbers. Hoohobbers has over 40 crib bedding designs; their style aesthetic tends toward interesting color combinations in both bright jewel tones and pastels. Prices for all their four-piece collections are $300 to $400; that’s pretty expensive, especially since they include bumpers–a product you should not use in your baby’s crib.

While Hoohobbers’s web site notes that all “designer fabrics” are faced with 100% cotton, we did see some Hoohobber four-piece sets online that were listed as 80% cotton, 20% polyester. Be sure to verify this with any design you might be interested in purchasing.

The sheets feature all-around elastic and the blanket included in the set is double sides with flannel on one side. All their bedding is made at Hoohobbers’ Chicago factory. It’s rare to find a crib bedding manufacturer made in the US; most are made in Asia.

Hoohobbers Moses basket Crib Bedding brand review: Hoohobbers.

Here’s an example of one of Hoohobber’s Moses baskets.

Hoohobbers has been around for over 30 years, getting their start in Chicago with a unique kitchen booster seat (it looks like a mini director’s chair). They’ve added a wide number of bedding and accessory options over the years, including Moses baskets (starting at $100), cradle bedding and baby rockers.

Room accessories include floor lamps, receiving blankets, rail covers, hooded towels and window coverings. You can even buy a matching diaper bag, bib and changing pad cover. These accessories can be purchased direct from Hoohobbers or at baby specialty stores. Their web site also allows you to make some custom changes and you can get your bedding items monogramed.

Hoohobber’s quality is impressive overall. We wish there were fewer poly blend fabrics and no bumpers (a hazard in the crib and hence a waste of money), but we like the fabrics. If you are into “match-y match-y” this bedding is for you with all their available accessories.

By the way, if you like the Hoohobbers look, but not the price, they have a factory store in Chicago. Readers in the area note it’s a small storefront with the factory in back. Some items are discounted in the store, swatches are available for pick up and you can order custom bedding in the store after seeing the fabric designs.

Rating: B+