Graco Blossom High Chair

The Graco Blossom accommodates infants, babies just starting to eat solids and toddlers. It also attaches to a regular dining chair. review

Graco battles with Fisher Price for the top-selling spots in the high chair market. In recent years, Graco has come out on top with a couple of best-selling models: the flagship Blossom high chair and the compact-folding Contempo.

Graco offers 12 high chair models, divided into two categories: all-in-one models in a group called Grow With Me (Ready2Dine, Blossom, pictured, Duo Diner LX, Sous Chef, Simple Switch), “classic” high chairs (Slim Snacker, Souffle, Meal Time, Contempo, Slim Spaces, TableFit, Swivi Seat). They also make a travel chair and kitchen booster. (See our hook-on chairs section for info on our recommendations for that category).

Graco’s flagship “all-in-one” high chair is the Blossom ($160), which strikes a much more modern pose than past Graco models. It has all the standard features you expect from today’s chairs (three-position recline, six position height adjustment, dishwasher safe tray insert) plus a few surprises: an adjustable footrest and a parent tray under the chair.

The Blossom’s key feature: the seat detaches and converts to an infant booster with a seat back insert that adjusts in size. But wait, there is also a separate toddler booster (it  straps onto a regular chair). Once the seat is detached, the base becomes a “youth chair.” Price: $145 to $190. Feedback for this chair has been positive, with fans citing its cleanability and ease of use. One negative: the t-bar is attached to the tray, not the seat (as we prefer for safety reasons). And the Blossom lacks a fold feature, which means you can’t store it away. Despite those negatives, most reader feedback on the Blossom is overwhelmingly positive.

If you like the convertible feature of the Blossom but think the $160 price is too much, Graco does have a scaled down option: the Table 2 Table ($160) is a Walmart exclusive. This chair converts to a toddler booster and youth chair like the Blossom—you can even reuse the tray as an activity area on wheels for older toddlers. What missing? There is no height adjustment for the Table 2 Table, which also has a simple one-position recline for newborns. And like the Blossom, this chair doesn’t fold up.

Graco’s DuoDiner LX ($110) is similar to the Blossom—it also converts to a booster seat for use with older children. But it is 20% cheaper ($110 to $150) and the base can be folded for storage. Readers are generally happy with the DuoDiner LX, with a caveat that the dishwasher-safe tray is too big to fit in some dishwashers (you may want to confirm yours will fit before purchasing).

The Ready2Dine ($65) is Graco’s most affordable convertible high chair. With it’s machine washable seat pad, one hand tray with dishwasher safe insert and two position recline, this is still a full featured option. Ease of assembly and the small footprint make this a popular seat, although some complained the tray was too close to baby’s stomach so big babies will outgrow it quickly.

Graco Ready 2 DineThe Graco Ready 2 Dine converts to a strap on booster seat.

Next is the Graco SimpleSwitch ($50 to $80), which also converts from a high chair to a booster seat. At $50 to $80, the SimpleSwitch features a three position recline, five position height adjustment and washable pad. Reader feedback on the SimpleSwitch has been positive. One negative to the SimpleSwitch: the safety T-bar is attached to the tray instead of the seat, as we’d prefer to prevent babies from sliding out of the chair when the tray is removed.

Finally, Graco recently debuted another “all-in-one” model called the $180 Sous Chef (someone’s been watching too many Food Network shows). This 5-in-1 chair comes with a full recline, dishwasher safe tray and insert and three position foot rest. The seat pops off and and can be attached to a dining chair. It also includes an infant soothing seat that gives parents an elevated safe spot for baby up off the floor (great if you have dogs or toddlers). Reader feedback has been positive on this model.

Graco Sous Chef high chair

The Graco Sous Chef has five modes including a removable, vibrating rocker


Now here are the high chairs from Graco in the “classic” category:

If you need a compact fold, consider the Graco Contempo ($92). Feedback on this model has been quite positive, with folks loving the ultra compact fold and extra seat pad. You also get six-position height adjustment, three-position recline and a dishwasher-safe tray insert.

Very similar to the Contempo is the newer Slim Spaces ($90), which has a compact fold to just 8.5″. The Slim Spaces high chair comes pre-assembled, has six height adjustments, three position recline plus extra padding and body support for smaller infants.

Graco Slim Spaces high chair

The Slim Spaces high chair shows off a pretty compact fold.

The Graco TableFit ($85) is sized so it can slide right up to a dining room table (hence the clever name). Eight height adjustments enable it to fit various tables, plus you also get a snack tray that fits over the larger tray and three position recline with infant support. One unique touch: the TableFit has a no rethread harness (you can adjust the height of the harness without rethreading it), which is seen on some car seats but this is a first for high chairs. We also like the machine washable pad. Price: $85.

Feedback on the TableFit has generally been positive, but a few vocal critics knock the tray design, which requires two hands to remove. To fold the chair, you have to remove the tray . . . which then has no storage place. Readers run hot and cold on the snack tray—fans love the extra functionality, while critics note it can be hard to put bigger toddlers in the TableFit when the snack tray is on. We also see complaints about the extra time it takes to assemble this high chair (which, alas, is not uncommon for most of Graco’s high chairs). On balance, we will recommend the TableFit for its overall great value at under $100.

Graco Table Fit high chairThe Table Fit has an impressive eight height positions.


The Graco Swivi ($106) is unique in the high chair world: the seat rotates 360 degrees so baby can face in any one of four directions. The Swivi has a standing fold, dishwasher safe tray insert, seat recline, adjustable footrest and machine washable seat pad. Readers say this one is a winner.


Graco Swivi high chair

The seat on the Swivi swivels 360 degrees so you wont have to move the base to see your child.


Finally, Graco has a hit with its Slim Snacker ($50 to $60). It’s key feature: a one-hand quick-fold that is ultra compact. This high chair is aimed at folks with space-challenged kitchens and secondary care-givers like grandparents. We still like the Cosco Simple Fold in this space better (and it is 20% cheaper), but the Graco Slim Snacker wins kudos for ease-of-use and overall value, accord- ing to our readers.

Graco Slim Snacker

Along similar lines, the Graco Swift Fold ($125) high chair is billed as the quickest folding high chair on the market. Taking a queue from strollers, this high chair has a handle in the back that releases the seat, which lowers into a position for a easy, one-hand standing fold—impressive! We image this high chair is aimed at folks who need to constantly fold and unfold a high chair, thanks to little kitchen space. The Swift Fold has a three position recline and dishwasher safe tray insert. One negative to this chair: while it takes one hand to fold, you need two to open it. While most reviews are positive, there is small space on the Swift Fold near the crotch strap that can collect food—a cleaning negative to be sure.

The Souffle is Graco’s final entry in the high chair market. It comes loaded with features: a two-step, self-standing fold, infant support pillow, harness covers, machine washable seat pad, snack tray storage, three position recline, seven height adjustments and three position height adjustable footrest. Price: $150. Reader feedback on this seat has been favorable.

Graco Souffle high chair

The Souffles tray snaps on to the legs when folded.

Wow! That’s quite a lot from one manufacturer. You get the feeling Graco’s strategy is to carpet bomb this category—a high chair for you! And you! To sum up, Graco high chairs generally earn positive reviews from readers, especially the Blossom and Contempo. Rating: A