Evenflo Convertible high chairWeb site: evenflo.com

Evenflo has always been an also-ran in the high chair market, thanks to quality woes and designs that lack pizzazz.

The Evenflo Convertible high chair is an effort by the company to innovate in this category. As the name suggests, this simple chair converts from high chair to table and chair for about $45 to $52. No bells and whistles here: just a removable tray and five point harness.

Next, Evenflo has the Quatore 4-in-1 ($130; series of pictures below). The Quatore is a multi-function high chair with four functions: reclining infant seat, traditional toddler high chair configuration, big kid booster (the seat is removable and then can be attached to a dining chair) and a youth seat (the base with the tray and seat removed). See pics below for each configuration. Parent feedback on this one so far is positive.

stage1 Quatore

Stage 1: Reclining Infant Seat


stage2 Quatore

Stage 2: Toddler High Chair


stage3 Quatore

Stage 3: Big Kid Booster


stage4 quatore

Stage 4: My Size Youth Seat

Evenflo Symmetry high chair

The Symmetry folds down to a mere 8″ in width.

The Symmetry Elite ($80) is Evenflo’s more standard high chair with an “ultra-slim fold” down to 8″, a machine washable seat pad, dishwasher safe tray liner (but don’t put the tray in the dishwasher), two recline positions and three tray positions. All that for a mere $70 (less online). Parents tell us they like the Symmetry, although a few dissenters said the quality of the chair is sub par. At this price, it might be a great option for grandma’s house.

Evenflo has one last high chair they recently introduced, the Clifton ($60; less online). It looks like a scaled down version of the Symmetry with the same 8″ fold. The wheels are gone, however.

From a safety perspective, Evenflo has had a bumpy track record in the high chair category. The low point came in 2008 when the company recalled nearly 100,000 high chairs because “plastic caps and metal screws can loosen and fall out, posing both a fall and choking hazards to children,” reported the CPSC.

That said, the company’s more recent offerings have earned better parent reviews as quality has improved. So we will tick up Evenflo’s rating this time around. Evenflo’s high chairs aren’t among our top picks in this category, but the company is closing the gap. Rating: B