Web: Stokke.com

Price: $150 to $41-FwgSIcKL200

Maximum weight: 7.7 to 33 lbs.

Comments: When we first wrote about Stokke’s MyCarrier, the $250 price tag mentioned was jaw dropping. Since then the price has fallen to as little at $150–still quite a hefty investment. Stokke’s pitch:  MyCarrier also works for kids as a backpack carrier up to 33 lbs. (about three years of age).

The carrier comes with one harness and two pouches. The first pouch works facing in from birth then facing out at about four months. The second pouch is for kids that can sit up on their own and are at least 28 inches tall.

The harness includes a support belt for parents as well as two pockets for keys, etc., a chest clip and an integrated sunshade/sleep support. Carabiners are used to attach the pouches to the harness as well as quite a few buttons and zippers. In fact, you might be a bit overwhelmed when you first try to put together your MyCarrier. To help, Stokke has posted detailed how-to videos on its site for the MyCarrier. After watching these, however, we can guess some folks will still be flummoxed by the carrier’s ease of use, or lack thereof.

The back carrying position seems to be the MyCarrier’s secret weapon. Stokke includes an aluminum support bar with the carrier (this is installed down the back of the carrier for extra support). Again, the online video is helpful. This added feature is a real must when you want to use this carrier with older children. Now that Baby Bjorn has come out with the One which has similar features, the Stokke faces some tough competition.

As you might expect from eco-focused Stokke, the carrier uses only organic fabrics. Yet, for this amount of money, we kept looking for gold leaf accents on the MyCarrier. They also make a MyCarrier Cool with breathable fabric. Parent feedback has been mixed. Some parents complain about a lack of padding in the shoulder straps, and it can be difficult to put on. Others, however, liked that the carrier doesn’t require an infant insert and grows with the child. Overall we think the Stokke has enough negatives to assign them only an average rating. Rating: C