615JJqfuOnL._SL1200_Web: MobyWrap.com

Price: $79

Weight Range: 15 to 45 lbs.

Comments: The Moby GO is a structured soft carrier manufactured by the folks who gave us the Moby Wrap. Intended for older babies and toddlers from 15 to 45 lbs., the GO has straps that cross at the shoulders to better distribute baby’s weight (similar to the Pikkolo carrier). The carrier includes a pocket with hood, and a padded waist belt with buckles to secure baby. You can loosen the straps to remove baby without having to unbuckle it. This carrier allows for front carry (inward facing only), hip and back carry.

Parental feedback is mostly positive. It’s much easier to put on, take off and adjust than the Moby Wrap plus it’s very affordable. Only complaint: newborns can’t use this carrier and they don’t offer an infant insert. But overall, we’ll recommended the Moby GO.

Rating: A-