Beco Toddler

Price: $175 to $200.

Weight Range: 20 to 60 lbs.

Comments: Have you been clamoring for a baby carrier that could carry your five year old? Because if you have, Beco has the solution. Yep, their new carrier, called the Toddler, can carry a child up to 60 lbs. The real question is, can you?

Besides the high weight range, the Toddler also features  an attachable hood, attachable zipper clutch and matching storage sack. it’s made in the US out of 100% cotton. Did we mention, however, that it costs up to $200? Not a cheap deal for a carrier.

Okay, maybe not, but  bottom line, do parents really want to carry around their 5 year old? Here’s what that looks like:

Beco Toddler Baby Carrier


The answer: some do. The Toddler gets very favorable reviews from parents. They tell us it is soft and comfortable. For most they can easily carry kids over 30 lbs.–impressive!

We have always been fans of Beco carriers. The quality is great and parents like them. Rating: A.