Web: ToughTraveler.com

Price: $278.

Maximum weight: 16 to 50 lbs.

Comments: Tough Traveler makes a couple of frame carriers for kids, but the most popular version is the Kid Carrier.

It has a five-point safety harness, high padded sides, full seat, footrest for small children and an optional set of stirrups for toddlers. It doesn’t include a rain/sun hood ($45 extra) but offers a mesh pocket for storage and a water resistant pocket under baby’s seat for diapers and supplies. Tabs are attached to the bottom, ostensibly to carry additional items. We like the 4 lb. weight, making it one of the lighter frame carriers on the market.

Tough Traveler’s other kid carrier is the BlueLux for $295. It includes a water resistant mesh covered diaper sleeve, extra pockets on the side wings and additional reflective strips.

Rating: B+