After our report last week that Evenflo was dropping polycarbonate bottles, we got an email today from a PR person who told us, hold the phone, this isn’t true.

Apparently, the Evenflo marketing rep we met in Vegas who told us the company was going to stop making polycarbonate baby bottles in 2008 was . . . "mistaken:"

A posting on the Baby Bargains book blog inaccurately states that Evenflo is planning to phase out polycarbonate baby bottles in 2008. We would like to clarify this information.

Evenflo is committed to the safety and quality of its products and, along with the Juvenile Product Manufacturing Association and others, we stand by the body of scientific research which demonstrates that plastic baby bottles are safe.  Evenflo has sold both polycarbonate and glass bottles for many years and will continue to do so to both meet consumer preferences and to provide a choice to moms.

Well, this wouldn’t be the first time a company rep mistakenly told us the truth misspoke about a company’s future plans . . . but it does raise an odd question. While in Evenflo’s booth, we noted that Evenflo plans to tout some of its bottles are "BPA-free" on its packaging in 2008—-yes, nice red stickers that say this bottle is "BPA-FREE!"

So if polycarbonate bottles with BPA are completely safe . . . why would you call out other bottles as being free of BPA? Which is totally safe, by the way.

To this, Evenflo ducks the question: their PR person deftly answers that "Evenflo wants to provide choices for moms" when it comes to baby bottles.

We wonder if Evenflo’s lawyers (who are currently reading this blog while billing the company $275 per hour) blew a gasket when they realized someone at the company actually revealed their 2008 plans to phase out polycarbonate bottles. Publicly backing away from a product could paint a giant red target on your back in a liability lawsuit . . . so better to disavow that statement and blame the sales rep for being an idiot.

Well, that’s our opinion. We could be wrong.