Bambo Nature

Over the years, the number of eco-friendly disposable diapers has slowly increased, but the popularity has lagged, mainly because they are so expensive. Bambo Nature is a case in point: 40¢ per diaper is not for those pinching pennies! We do have to say, they are the only eco disposable to have both a Forest Stewardship Council certification (FSC) and a Nordic Ecolabel certification (Seventh Generation only has the FSC certification).

They also showcase a whole lot of no’s on their web site:

No latex, no phthalates, no organotins, no substances known as harmful to health (why didn’t they just say that–it would cover everything wouldn’t it?), no mutagenic substances, no heavy metals, no chlorine, no formalehyde, no substances known as harmful to the environment, no chemical odor inhibitors, no colophonium (?), no AZO-pigments, no PVC, no substances known classified as locally irritating, no perfume, no known allergens, no irritating substances (isn’t this a repeat), no sensitizing substances, no carcinogens and no lotions/moisturizers. Whew! That’s a lot. In fact, it seems like they’re padding the bill a bit to us.

Anyway, they use ECF-bleached paper fluff and acrylic polymers to absorb moisture as well as lycra, laminate, popypropylene cover material, and adhesive tape without phthalates. So that’s a lot of eco goodness. While Good Housekeeping gave Bambo Nature a thumbs up for best eco diaper, we still don’t think that 40¢ a diaper makes this worth the money. You can avoid a lot of the same “bad” ingredients by buying Earth’s Best diapers at only 26¢ each. And the money savings from buying cloth diapers is even more significant. Parents like the diaper although they thought it was expensive, and some complained about sizing issues and leakage. Overall, this brand might be okay for travel, but we can’t recommend these diapers for everyday use. Rating: B-