Cybex Solution X-Fix

Update January 2018: These Cybex booster seats appear to no longer be for sale on most sites—both Amazon and Buy Buy Baby have discontinued them. We still see a few sold on smaller web sites; here is an archived review.

Booster type: High back

Weight: 33-110 lbs.; 38-60″ tall.

X-Fix: $140
Q2-Fix: $250

IIHS rating:

X-Fix: Best Bet.
Q2-Fix: Good Bet.

NHTSA ease of use rating:

X-Fix: Four out of five stars.
Q2-Fix: Three out of five stars. (Rating is for previews version).

Pros: Rigid LATCH, side impact protection.

Cons: Pricey, doesn’t convert into a backless booster.

Comments: Cybex makes two belt-positioning booster seats in their Solution line: the X-Fix (pictured above) and the Q2-Fix. The X-Fix’s main feature is a rigid LATCH connector, much like the Clek Oober. We like the X-Fix’s adjustable back and side impact protection. One unique feature: the headrest reclines in three positions.

Cybex Solution Q2-Fix booster seat

Cybex Solution Q2-Fix booster seat

Cybex also offers a beefed up version of this seat called the Q2-Fix, with extensive side impact protection. As you raise up the headrest, the Q2-Fix’s sides expand, giving a bigger toddler more room in the seat. Like the X-Fix, the Q-Fix has rigid LATCH.

The Q2-Fix was revised slightly in 2015 (hence the Q2 moniker). The biggest change was a revised headrest, now designed to keep a sleeping child’s head from slumping forward in the seat. This isn’t actually a safety issue, but it does alarm parents.

The Q2-Fix added automatic height and width adjustments and “Linear Side-impact Protection” which reduces the impact of a t-bone collision. This is Cybex’s most expensive model at $250.

Reader feedback on these Cybex seats has been positive—folks like the solid-built quality and tailored fabrics. Unlike the similarly priced Clek Oobr, the Q2-Fix has substantially more side impact protection. Even the entry-level X-Fix has more crash protection than other $170 seats.

Third party ratings cast the Cybex boosters in a positive light—the X-Fix and M-Fix earned four out of five stars for ease of use from the government. Consumer Reports picked the X-Fix as their top-rated high-back booster (the other models weren’t tested).

The rigid LATCH is also another major selling point here, but that is both a plus and minus. Great for keeping the seat secure in the car when it is unoccupied, but some vehicles/seats aren’t compatible with Cybex boosters. Since Cybex requires the booster to sit flush against the seat back, some vehicles may have not simply be compatible. Unfortunately, this is trial and error and Cybex doesn’t provide any guidance.

Another negative for this seat: the covers are difficult to remove and reinstall for cleaning. Thanks to five separate pieces of fabric held on with a myriad of fasteners, you won’t look forward to having to clean this seat.

Those issues aside (and assuming you have a compatible vehicle), the Cybex Solution X-Fix, Q2-Fix and M-Fix are excellent booster seats. Pricey yes, but the overall quality and numerous adjustments may be worth the extra expense.

Rating: B+