Status Beckett 3-in-1 Convertible Crib, Pebble

Made in China, Status is Stork Craft’s mid-price line, positioned as a step up from Stork Craft’s entry-level cribs sold in discount stores.

Example: the Status Beckett crib is $200 on Amazon (pictured). Even though it is billed as a “convertible” crib, it only converts into a toddler bed. Other models run $250-$350.

As of this writing, Status doesn’t have any matching dressers for its cribs. That’s probably a good thing, as we weren’t impressed with Status’ previous dresser offerings. The drawers lack dovetail construction and feature basic wood-on-wood glides (most upper-end nursery furniture has metal glides).

As for quality, several readers tell us of serious issues with Status’ quality control—paint splattered all over the finish of a dresser, cribs shipped without assembly instructions and so on. Several folks commented that their Status furniture had strong fumes when removed from its packaging. As mentioned above, Status is owned by Stork Craft, which itself doesn’t have the world’s best quality reputation.

For 2017, Status seems to be concentrating on simple, low-profile cribs with a modern aesthetic.

Bottom line: quality and design of Status is disappointingly not up to par. Rating: C-