Newport Cottages Devon Crib in Coral

When it comes to over-the-top nursery furniture, Newport Cottages turns the knob to 11.

With their trademark look of two-toned nursery furniture and neon-bright finishes (30 in all), Newport Cottages is a mix of both vintage and contemporary aesthetics. The company got its start in 1996, when designer Cristina Alvarez was disappointed in the plain offerings on the nursery furniture market.

But all this style will cost you: a colorful crib is $975 to $1800. A dresser will set you back $1600—or more. Newport also sells various accessories and accent pieces, including toy chests, dresser mirrors and more.

Mid-century styling on the Newport Cottages Skylar crib is a unique look.

Mid-century styling on the Newport Cottages Skylar crib is a unique look.

New in the past year, the Skylar is a mid-century modern style crib with u-shaped wood panelling for $1200 (pictured). Matching u-shaped pulls on the dresser drawers ($1200) and angled legs make this an interesting collection. The new Hilary Conversion crib morphs into a full size bed with a woven cane headboard ($1645; most of their cribs only make into toddler beds).

Yep, those are darn pricey cribs . . . but at least the furniture is manufactured in the U.S. (which makes Newport Cottages one of the few remaining domestic makers of nursery furniture).

Newport Cottages furniture is mostly sold in pricey boutiques, but we noticed their simple Devon crib is now on Amazon for $975 in eight finishes. The simple Hampton breadboard crib is also sold online (pictured at top).

Quality is a mixed bag—the samples we previewed looked fine (Newport Cottages doesn’t use MDF or particle board), but this company has struggled with consistency when it comes to quality and shipping. And at that these prices, we’d expect perfection. Bottom line: what you are paying for here are unique finishes/colors, not top-of-the-line furniture quality. Rating: C