Mother Hubbard's Cupboard

2017 update: This company appears to have gone out of business—their web site is no longer functional and the phone number to their Toronto outlet is disconnected. Below is an archived review.

Canadian-based furniture maker Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard (MHC) has had an off and on relationship with Buy Buy Baby—it appears the chain is testing their furniture again, so here’s a quick review.

Made in Toronto, MHC has ten collections of nursery furniture that feature mostly traditionally styled convertible cribs with different dresser configurations (four or five drawer chests and double dressers, as well as armoires).

Cribs run $500 to $700; dressers are similarly priced. On the plus side, MHC offers a wide variety of accessories for their collections, including matching desks, night tables, double dressers and so on.

We also like the wide variety of finishes—20 at last count.

As for quality, we’d give MHC an average grade. This furniture is made in Canada and dressers feature self-closing drawers with dove-tail  construction. But many collections are made veneers over MDF. And that’s disappointing at this price range. We suppose this is the trade-off with Canadian production—in order to keep prices from soaring into the stratosphere, MHC employs extensive use of MDF and veneers. You could get more solid wood from nursery furniture imported from Asia . . . but none of that feel-good Canadian vibe.

Another critical point for this line: delays in shipping. We see scattered reports online of folks who had to wait for up to 15 weeks for delivery, despite MHC’s stated six to eight week delivery time frame.

This brand has suffered several safety recalls, including a 2016 recall in Canada for defective cribs.

FYI: If you live near Toronto, check out the MHC outlet for close-outs at 20% to 60% off retail. Rating: C+