Web site: LittoKids.com

Asian-influenced design marks Litto’s furniture, including a $950 crib made of zebra wood and accented by a polished steel frame. The matching three-drawer dresser is $950 as well. In the past year, Litto rolled out a maple veneer crib (the Manhattan, pictured) for $750. The company also offers matching retro bedding for about $300 a set.

Litto joins a crowded modern field with many players peddling over-priced cribs. We’re not quite sure what Litto’s key advantage is . . . the line is small, so there are very few accessories or finish options. Given its limited availability, we’ve had little parent feedback on quality. The samples we’ve inspected at trade show were ok—but we are hard pressed to see why this furniture is worth the lofty price tags (example: after spending nearly $1000 on a crib, Litto expects you to pay extra for a toddler conversion rail). If you want modern, you can find it elsewhere for much lower prices. Rating C